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Ideas to share

ideadayOne of my favorite companies, Bill Gross’ Idealab, organized on January 14th their first Idea Day. Even after creating more than 125 companies in their first 18 years, it appears that Idealab has still more ideas than they have teams to execute them. So to attract young and dynamic entrepreneurs, they decided to share these ideas during an Idea Day.

Meanwhile, they also made these ideas freely available on the web to anyone who wishes to develop them. For those of you who are looking for a good project to develop, I have listed them below:

  • A software that helps us manage our pictures from so many different sources
  • An iPhone or iPad app to answer email on the go, without missing out on emergencies
  • An “Uber” for convenience store merchandise that could cost effectively get you something you need in under an hour (actually TokTokTok is already doing this in France)
  • Wearable devices that can help make life changes like reducing smoking or managing anger
  • A web tool to help you really understand what features matter to you when buying products like cameras, refrigerators or dishwashers
  • Aftermarket products that can make driving safe on existing vehicles
  • Recommendation websites for food, cars, apps, etc.
  • Metrics dashboard for Small and Medium Businesses
  • Make your data searchable and shareable on the cloud
  • A cost-effective way to get more parking in a given amount of pavement

More details can be found here