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Inspiration of the day #5

Steve Blank
Steve Blank

How to build a startup

If entrepreneurship education had a pope, it would inevitably be Steve Blank. After 21 years in 8 high technology companies, he retired in 1999 and wrote a book  about building early stage companies called Four Steps to the Epiphany. It’s been called the book that launched the Lean Startup movement, popularised by Steve’s student, Eric Ries.

Steve now teaches entrepreneurship at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University, Columbia University, Caltech and UCSF. Together with the “Customer Development” model he developed, Steve has also merged Eric Ries’ Lean Startup and Alexander Osterwalder‘s Business Model Canvas into the Lean Launchpad course he now teaches around the world.

The Internet is full of material on the Lean Launchpad but I do recommend to watch the Udacity’s course. This is the most rational and practical methodologies ever realised to launch startups and it also applies to corporate innovation management. Watch it!