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Offline Analytics – Trace your flyers and billboards


I came across the other day this billboard in the London tube from the peer-to-peer lending marketplace, Funding Circle. As you can see in the picture, in order to benefit from a “special” you need to go to “” and enter the “tube” code. That’s pretty smart of them as this is a great way to calculate some kind of ROI on their underground advertising budget.

Actually when you go to “”, you’re redirected to the following URL: “


A quick look at the UTM trackers shows that Funding Circle is monitoring the type of advertising (“Outdoor”), the location (“Tube”) as well as the date (“022014″). In my opinion, it would have been event better to have one page for each underground line where the ad is displayed so Funding Circle can know which line brings the most prospects for their service.

Generally speaking, I think that all startups should measure their offline advertising the same way Funding Circle does it. In the early days of your startup, you generally don’t know very well your target customers as well as the best way to reach them. So, instead of printing out standard flyers or brochures, try to do one for each event or location you distribute them. You might think that the additional expense is useless, but it’s a great way to measure and adapt your advertising efforts. And you might discover much more than you think about your target customers.